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Cloud Computing

Advance your IT Career in Cloud Computing

Become a future ready certified cloud professional with personalized Mentorship Driven Program.

Windows Azure

Amazon web services

Google cloud platform

Real world scenarios covered

Certification based training

Cloud case studies

Tried and tested Curriculam, Curated by Industry experts

Products in the market are


Scattered articles, blogs & videos need extra effort to stitch it all together


Limited practical work


Recorded videos & articles with no personalization

Not industry-relevant

Old, unrefreshed content

iBin's curriculum is


Thoughtfully designed curriculum helps you to emerge confident & comfortable


Projects and assignments to actually implement concepts


Topics, peers & pace of learning are optimized for your needs


Industry-tested curriculum to make you job ready

Curriculum is designed to make you Skilled IT Professional

Based on your profile area of Interest, we will help you to select level of expertise and further career development path


Minimum coding / starting from scratch

5 weeks Course 

Enrollment Open

Azure Cloud fundamentals

  • cloud computing basics
  • core azure services
  • core solution managemants
  • identity, Governance, privacy, compliance features
  • Azure pricing, SLA’s and Lifecycles


I know coding in 1 programming language. I can build basic apps

10 weeks Course 

Enrollment Open

Azure cloud Architect

identity, Governance, privacy, compliance features

  • Design data storage solution
  • Design business continuity solutions
  • Design infrastructure solutions


I am good at coding. I know basic DSA and problem solving. I can build basic / advanced apps.

10 weeks Course 

Enrollment Open

Azure cloud Specialisation

  • DevOps
  • Micro-Services
  • Containers
  • Terraform

Pick one of the specialisation

Azure cloud Data Architect

  • System Design(HLD + LLS) with project
  • MVC, REST API’S, ORM, SprintBoot, Views, Database indexes, Multithreading.

Azure cloud Data Architect

  • System Design(HLD + LLS) with project
  • Building a server into MVC, Web architecture, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node js, Backend architecture, MongoDB, React/Redux.

Advanced Electives

Career Development Counselling

Executing Career Counselling to choose Or switched career path

Job Assistance

  • Resume Building
  • Job Profile Creation
  • Interview Course Material

Industry Expert guidance

Guidance sessions from IT Industry experts Mock interviews

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